Wun Wun is a major youtuber with more than 600.000 subscribers.

He is one of the first skilled players, but he has been inactive since June 2016.

General Information

  • Wun Wun is 28 years old.
  • He lives in Europe.
  • He copied his name from the giant in Game Of Thrones.
  • He once revealed that he doesn't like's development system.
  • Wun Wun has a chat that is currently inactive -
  • People claim to have currently seen him on a Discord server which all fans and users can join him -
  • His favorite games besides were Hearthstone and 2048
  • Status: Inactive
  • Community Status: Active
  • YouTube Status: Inactive
  • Friends: Mass-ive & J•P

Channel History - 2015

Wun Wun uploaded his first video on June 23rd, 2015. He then uploaded a lot of videos, but none of them seemed to get enough attention. Wun Wun was about to quit, but his turnaround video hit like a bomb, reaching 1mil views in one day. After that he was discovered by a well-known reddit user, his videos were shared to the r/Agario subreddit and he quickly grew to 1.000 subscribers.

After this, he was motivated to start uploading more often.

He was now noticed by the majority of the community, and he got about 30k subscribers in less than 1 month after his first video was uploaded.

3 months later, he made a video called " - 88k on an empty Experimental server" that got so popular and reached about 15 million views in less than 14 days. Today that video has 43 million views (February 23, 2018).

At this time, Wun Wun had 450k subscribers and he continued uploading.

His last video uploaded in 2015 is called " - Experiment".

Channel History - 2016 and 2017

In the beginning of 2016, he did a 1v1 versus Sirius. Sirius won this battle, but not in a fair way.

After that he uploaded a video which had himself killing other teams. This video is Wun Wun's featured video and even a MLG was made using gameplay from the same video.

He later made a video where he played with people that were on his chat. The video got million views and his chat got very active.

In March, he made a video called " FFA Gameplay - How long can you survive?" and after that he took a two-month-break.

People were sad that he left, so they made videos about filling the leaderboard with names like "#WeMissWunWun".

He saw the videos and decided to come back, but his comeback was very short.

He came back in May 2016, uploaded 3 videos, and in June 2016 he went inactive.

Rumors say Wun Wun might be secretly active in a Discord server & returning back to the Community soon.