Virus Run -

It is a fun way to play if you are bored of the current game play.

How to play:

  1. Eat a virus.
  2. Try to survive getting eaten by other players.
  3. How to win, same as always, take 1st.


After you've eaten a virus, depending on your size before hand you will be completely small blobs, one big blob and lots of small ones, or multiple big blobs and a few small ones. Despite your size, this will attract a lot of attention. People will try to eat you as soon as possible, but if you *Win* you virus run (Survive without getting eaten) you will merge all at once and if you turn around at the correct time, you will eat your opponent.

(Remember, when you are split in 16 blobs you can eat viruses without splitting!!! This is a great way to grow even if you do not manage to eat someone else)

NOTE: Unlike normal virus eating, you choose when you eat the virus, try to have decent room around you when you eat it so you can actually run.


The highest recorded record for Virus Run is:

13 Virus runs (One run is completed after eating a virus and then completely merging back in to a single mass)

3450 mass

and 2nd place.