Crocodile skin.

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This... is...!!! I entered the world of in the summer of 2015 and am still going strong. I am regularly breaking records (at least on the Hall of Fame page here on the Wiki). I am currently level 100. Yes, 100. Although only joining this Wiki in June, I am currently ranked #1, with 35 badges, the most recent being: contributing to the Wiki for 100 days. (Lol that one was hard to get.) I am the type of player who splits frequently to gain mass quickly. Although very vulnerable, it seems to work very well. One of the most fun things to do when big is catch teamers right away when they're still very small. Free for all is the best mode. The crocodile is one of the best skins. Viruses are annoying. R3d193 is one of the best/coolest players. The Wiki is one of the best Wikis. Welcome to my page...

R3d193's Records (FFA only):

Highest Score: 28,050.

Most Time Survived (Computer Only): 1:18:33.

Most Food Eaten (Computer Only): 7,266.

Most Leaderboard Time (Computer Only): 1:09:02.

Most Cells Eaten (Computer Only): 2,159.

My favorite pages[]