There are several unofficial "jobs" or roles that a player may take on in a game, separate from simply seeking your own interests.

  • Helper

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Helpers are players who go find another specific player, and when in need, these helpers give mass to the player they are helping. Helpers generally have a nickname of "helper," "X's helper," "Follower," or are simply have the same name of the person they are helping.

  • Friend or teammate

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Friends or teammates are slightly different than helpers. Friends/teammates are players who you become "friends" with, and you share the spoils of your adventures between the two of you equally. You can become friends with anyone, but the people who specifically seek these contracts typically name themselves "I help you help," or "team anyone?" 

  • Joiner/Welders 

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Welders, or more commonly known as "joiners," have one job: when other players separate, joiners put them back together. They will "eat" the smaller half of other, separated player, and then give the mass back through ejecting pellets of mass at the other player. They go by many names, though the more common ones are "IGiveMassBack", "Joiner", and "Welder".  

  • Stockholm Syndrome  

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Be careful of certain players. There are players who call themselves "Stockholm," short for "Stockholm syndrome". If you chase these players, they will follow you around until one of the two of you dies. They follow you around primarily to annoy you, but they will also take advantage of if/when you accidentally break into smaller cells, and unlike followers, teammates, or welders, they will not give the mass back.

  • Cloner

Cloners are people who copy a teamers name but then join ever when the teamer doesn't die. Why is that? It is because they don't want to find the team again. They get fed afterward.


  • Weihnachstmann/Santa Clause

For the holidays, players may choose to name themselves a little more festive; to spread the holiday spirit, a player might name themselves:

• Weihnachtsmann (German: Literally, "Christmas man")

• Santa Claus

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• St. Nick, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, St. Nicholas

• Santa's Elf, Santa's Elves

These players will collect mass through the small pellets, but will then give mass out to players they see fit.  It is very important to remember NOT TO EAT THESE PLAYERS.  They will come back as the next player, called...

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  • Krampus

Unfortunately, this is the down side to the holidays.  In German-speaking alpine folklore, there is a man/beast called "Krampus" that is seen as the yin to Santa's yang.  In folklore, Krampus punishes children that were naughty that year, and in addition, will leave sticks (symbolizing a short life) for naughty kids.  If you see a player named Krampus, we would suggest you run for your life!  That player was, at one point, a "Weihnachstmann", and is now bent on getting revenge on the person that ate them!