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Steamworld is a two part offer with a total of six skins available from late September to early October 2017. Each of the two parts of this offer included a set of three skins. The Steamworld skins may not be available for purchase in the future.

The Steamworld offer included the following parts (or sub-offers): Gears & Cogs Emporium and Welcome to... Steamworld.

Gears & Cogs Emporium[]

The three skins in this part of the offer could only be purchased with various packages of coins or DNA. They could not be individually purchased.

The Gears & Cogs Emporium skins included the following: Can Man, The Tinker and Think Tank.

Gears & Cogs Emporium - Offer

Note: The Gears & Cogs Emporium sub-offer was released again for a limited time in mid March 2019. The prices and items included were changed slightly. However, the included skins remained the same.

Welcome to... Steamworld[]

Steamworld - New Skins! Button

The three skins in this offer could be purchased individually using game coins. In the Skins Shop they were available under the ‘Steamworld’ tab.

The “Welcome to... Steamworld” skins included the following: Cogs, Dr. Static and Steam Freak.

Welcome to... Steamworld - Offer

Skins Shop - Steamworld

Note: The “Welcome to... Steamworld” sub-offer was released again for a limited time in late December 2018.

Details of this offer can vary depending on location, platform or time.