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Spawner Viruses, also known as Antiviruses, are crimson-colored viruses that can be found in Experimental Mode (added on 2015-06-12) and Battle Royale. They periodically spawn pellets, similar to the (removed) Mother Cell. The spawner virus is slightly larger than a regular virus, roughly the same size as a 225 mass cell, and it requires a mass of about 300 to be consumed. It generates varying numbers of pellets, presumably taking a portion of the map's pellet spawning (like the mother cell).

A cell with less than 170 mass will be consumed by a spawner virus. A cell will be eaten if it runs into a spawner virus, which will gain the cell's mass and slowly distribute the mass as pellets around itself over time. Spawner viruses can also eat viruses. The spawner virus refunds all mass it gains as pellets, either from ejections or by consuming smaller cells (beware). If given more mass than it can eject as pellets immediately, it swells up and subsequently shrinks over the course of the next few seconds as it releases pellets. When consumed, the spawner virus has the same effect as a regular virus, splitting the cell into a lot of cells.


  • If you shoot a virus into a spawner virus, it converts it to pellets based on its mass. Some servers can get massive spawners viruses with 10,000+ mass.
  • There has been one server in Oceania with a spawner virus of roughly 30,000 mass.
  • A player with a mass of 10,261 ate a 10,000 mass spawner virus. Check Here
  • A YouTuber named Smash ate a spawner virus of roughly 10,000 mass. Check Here
  • Another YouTuber was using bots on Experimental Mode and made an experimental spawner virus roughly 120,000 mass. He made it so big that the server was closing, and he was the last man standing. Check Here
  • Many inexperienced players accidentally run into spawner viruses, as it will eat anything that has less mass than 75% of the mass of itself.


  • June 19, 2015: Added Spawner Virus to Experimental Mode
  • March 26, 2019: Added Spawner Virus to the mobile version of Battle Royale.