Rush Mode (also known as Rush Match) is a game mode added to the mobile version of in July 2016. This is the second Game Mode added to the mobile version after Classic Mode. Rush Mode is unlocked only after a player reaches Level 4. Rush Mode is not yet available in the browser version of the game.

Description Edit

In this game mode, a cell has 5 minutes to gain as much mass as possible. Single spawn Rush Mass boosts are available for 9 coins (+20 Mass) or 19 coins (+40 Mass). Viruses are red and require only 3 ejected mass balls to create a new one. After the match ends, the results are displayed with the Top 10 players.

Rush mode over

Top 10 and your place on leaderboard.

Changes and UpdatesEdit

  • The time before a cell merges has been reduced. This time period was originally the same as Classic Mode.
  • The March 2017 update to the mobile app brought several more key changes to Rush Mode. The size of the arena was significantly reduced. Also, a timer for "Estimated Time" is now displayed during the pre-match "Gathering players …" screen.

Rush Mode - Pre-match Screen

Notes Edit

  • Cell mass was originally shown in decimal numbers (See Image).
  • You gain more XP in this mode.
  • A small percentage of Rush Mode (Red) Viruses are smaller than normal (See Image).
Rush mode

Screenshot from official game play channel


Rush Mode - Virus Sizes

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