Reaper is a one of the original set of 32 Mystery Skins that were released in December 2016. A Mystery Skin can be unlocked and then upgraded to animated versions. The three levels of upgrades can be achieved by collecting skin pieces and spending coins.

As a regular Mystery Skin, Reaper requires a total of 75 skin pieces and 2500 coins to reach all three levels. The first and base state, Level 1, is unlocked after collecting just 5 skin pieces. The upgrade to Level 2 requires 20 skins pieces and 500 coins. This is the first animated state and it adds a glowing effect to the base skin. The final upgrade, Level 3, requires 50 skin pieces and 2000 coins. This level includes the Level 2 effect as well as a fade in to an altered version of the base skins.

Details of this skin may vary depending on location, platform or time.