You can't make private servers that use's official client. However, you can use Cigar and MultiOgar instead to have a game that is very similiar to Agar.


Many people have their own servers where only one person or person who got an invite can play. In this tutorial you will learn how to create such a server. You can modify it, add bots, change names, masses and other cool things (like splitting in more than 16 pieces and increased starting mass, for example 2000).

Things needed[]

To create a private server, you need these:

  • Node - Node.js is a JavaScript framework that allows to run servers written in JavaScript
  • MultiOgarII - Ogar is an game server written in JavaScript

How to create[]

  1. Open "Install dependencies"
  2. Open start-windows
  3. Download Cigar and open web/index.html with a browser

To modify your server, go to gameserver.ini and then edit what you want.

To play with your friends, go to this tutorial.

To get support for your Ogar server, join the Private Servers Discord.