Not to be confused with Party Mode (Skin) or Party Time (Skin).

Party Mode is the fourth game mode in In order to play this mode you'll have to create a new party or join an existing one. The game will generate a 6-character code (e.g. that you can send to your friends so they can play with you. There are no rules here - you are free to team, splitrun or eat viruses without incurring the Anti Team Penalty.

Party Mode's original purpose was to allow a way to play with friends, and to reduce teaming in other game modes. However, some people are abusing it and use Feeder bots to gain mass, spread a message, or lag the game and close the server.


  • Party is the only mode that completely lacks the "Anti-teaming" measure. Although excessive W'ing your partner still results in mass decay, and you can easily lose many thousands of mass in a matter of minutes if you take this to the extreme.
  • Party Mode was added to the mobile version in late November 2017.
  • Party mode is currently the fastest way to level up as eating more cells increases your xp faster.