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Nomnomnom Planet is one of the many events that are part of the Agar.io Universe. The theme of this event is the Alien Artshop offer. The game token that must be collected is the Food Magnet. This event and related items, skins and tokens were only available for a limited time for each release.

November 2020[edit | edit source]

Nomnomnom - Exclusive Deals!

The first Nomnomnom Planet event ran from November 12th to the 15th. Magnets collected as part of this event can be traded for the Nomster skin, a Mythical Potion, a 3x Mass Boost (1 Hour) or a Custom Skin slot.

Alien Bistro - Nomnomnom Treasures

The event offer includes skins that could only be purchased with various packages of game items. These skins were not available for individual purchase. The two skins in this deal were Cookie Robber and Green Grub.

Alien Bistro - Nomnomnom Treasures - Cookie Robber

Alien Bistro - Nomnomnom Treasures - Green Grub

Details of this event can vary depending on location, platform or time.

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