Nickname Box Mobile.png

The box that the player can type their name in.

The Nickname Box is where the player types a name which they would like to use in the game. The name will then be placed in the center of their cell. By typing a specific name you can use a special skin instead of a normal color. It is not compulsory to fill this box out. If not filled, this will result in the name "An unnamed cell" if the player is on the leaderboard. Plus, nothing will be written in the player's cell. On mobile, it will appear as "unnamed" if no skin is used. However, if using a skin, a player's own leaderboard will display "unnamed" while opposing player will see the default skin name.


  • In the browser the length of the nickname is limited to 15 characters. This limit is only client side and therefore can be removed by using the developer tools of the browser: Right click on the nickname box and then on “Inspect” in the menu that popped up. The developer tools will open. The nickname box should be focused. Double click on the max=”15” part and remove it or type in a higher number.
  • It is possible to use Unicode characters in the name. There are several websites that assist with using them to make "fancy" nicknames.
  • When spawned on the green team in the Teams Mode or spawned with green color in other modes, some players leave the nickname box blank just to troll less experienced players. Other players might confuse a nameless green cell for a virus. This strategy is not useful against virus farmers.