• July 30

The clone received a DMCA from Miniclip(s) and author/owner of the clone feels it's starting to get too serious. This isn't something he wants to haunt him for the rest of his life, as he is only young.

For the best interests of him self and the rest of the team, he's going to comply with Miniclip(s) SA.

Agarp may come back to life. They're looking in to way around this and to possibly re-code the entire game itself, so it'll be their.

Also somebody have made a changeorg petition on bringing the clone back. It had 361 supporters at 20:00 GMT.

As alternative they can start to use Virtual Machine host

  • July 17

New 14 skins were added: Berlusconi, Blatter, Boris, Bush, Cameron, Chavez, Clinton, Cuba, Fidel, Hillary, Palin, Queen, Trump, Venezuela.

On 8 July 2015, a mobile version of for iOS and Android was published by Miniclip. Head of mobile at Miniclip Sergio Varanda explained that the main goal of the mobile version was to "recreate the gaming experience players already knew and loved on web", citing the challenges with recreating the experience with touchscreen controls. Miniclip planned to frequently update the game, with Varanda saying that new features often come from feedback from fans on social networks


  • April 29

A subreddit for the game was created at /r/Agario and small Russian-language Wikia for the game was created around the same time.[1]

  • Somewhere in the beginning of May

Game was revealed to world

  • Some day in past

The game was tested