Mega Power is one of the three skins released under the ‘It's Over 9000!!’ part of the Anime offer. This skin resembles a Super Saiyan from the anime and comic universe of Dragon Ball. Mega Power could be purchased as part of an item deal for a limited time in late May 2017.

Mega Power could be purchased for $19.99 in the "Best Deal!" which included the Eyepatch skin and either 50000 coins (Browser) or 1800 DNA (Mobile). It was not available for individual purchase and may not be available for purchase in the future.

Details of this offer can vary depending on location, platform or time.


  • Mega Power could be purchased again as part of The Dark Collector offer in early September 2018. Hot Taco, Mega Power and 16000 coins could be purchased for $4.99 in this limited time offer.
  • The 'It's Over 9000!!' part of the Anime offer has been released multiple times after the initial 2017 debut. While the skins remained the same, the prices and included game items varied between releases. The dates and details for all additional limited time releases for the Mega Power skin are as follows:
    • Late June 2019 - $9.99 for Eyepatch, Mega Power and 30000 coins.
    • Mid August 2020 - $14.99 for Eyepatch, Mega Power and 2500 DNA.