Mechanos is an offer with a total of seven skins released in two parts or sub-offers in late June 2017. Each of the two parts of this offer included a set of three and four skins respectively. The Mechanos skins are inspired by the animated and movie franchise of the Transformers. They were released in the same week as the movie Transformers: The Last Knight. The Mechanos skins were available for a limited time and may not be available for purchase in the future.

The Mechanos offer included the following sub-offers: Ancient Knight and Rise of the Mechanos

Ancient Knight[edit | edit source]

Mechanos Deal! Button

The three skins in this part of the offer could only be purchased with various packages of coins or DNA. They were not available for individual purchase. There may be limited opportunity to acquire these skins in the future.

The Ancient Knight skins included the following: Supremus, Yellow Streak and Mechatron.

Mechanos: Ancient Knight - Offer

Note: The Ancient Knight sub-offer was released again for a limited time in early February 2019. The prices and amount of items were changed. However, the included skins remained the same.

Rise of the Mechanos[edit | edit source]

Mechanos - New Skins! Button

The four skins in this part of the offer could only be purchased individually with game coins. They were available in the Skins Shop under the ‘Mechanos’ tab.

The Rise of the Mechanos skins included the following: Sonic Boom, Cyber Scarab, Haste and Psycho Driller.

Rise of the Mechanos - Offer

Skins Shop - Mechanos Tab

Note: The Rise of the Mechanos sub-offer had additional limited time releases including in late June 2018, mid March 2019 and finally in mid January 2020. The included skins and prices remained the same for each release.

Details of this offer can vary depending on location, platform or time.

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