The Map is where players play in. Players cannot cross the borders of the map, but pieces of players can partially cross the borders as long as the center of the piece is still inside the borders. The map is square-shaped and is ~11,000 pixels in width and height. Each server can have one or more maps. Players, pellets and viruses are spawned in each map randomly. In Experimental Mode, spawner viruses are scattered around the map as well. In Battle Royale the regular area of the map is shrinking over time. Maps look a bit like notebook paper. It can also be colored black if the player selects the Dark theme mode in the Options.


Depending on the game mode and the user preferences, players can see the dimension of the map, their own position and size and additional information in the minimap. This is a miniaturized representation of the map, being displayed in the right bottom corner of the window.

The minimap has been disabled in all modes except Battle Royale. It is possible to reactivate it though: Right click on the canvas and a context menu will pop up. Click on “Inspect” or “Developer tools”. A new window will appear. Go to the tab “Console” and type core.setMinimap(1) and then press enter. The minimap will be displayed but it will only draw your own position, not the position of other players.


  • A map is also known as an arena or lobby.
  • The size of a map varies based on game mode and platform