Legends Mod is the name of a script (extension) made for Agar. It is based upon another extension, Ogario. It has been created by Jimboy3100 and others. It can be installed in the browser version of Agar. It adds a lot of features to the game and also changes its visual look. It is often used by clans.


This is an incomplete list of its features:

  • Adds a chat to every server of the game, so all users of the tool that are in the same server can chat with each other. The chat supports emojis. It is also compatible to the chat of Agar Tool.
  • Adds an enhanced minimap that shows your own position and the position of all others players in your chat room. It is also capable of showing the sizes of players. The minimap displays the location of the player‘s last death.
  • Allows to activate a team view so that team members can be seen even if they are outside your viewing distance
  • Displays masses of other cells as numbers on them
  • Displays the number of w-shoots needed to make a virus spawn a new virus
  • Ability to stop movement by pressing a key
  • Ability to continually eject mass by pressing w (instead of just ejecting once)
  • Displays the players split range as well as the split range of other players
  • Adds visual indicators that show if the player can eat other cells by hovering them or by splitting
  • It allows to customize many aspects of the game
  • It replaces the vanilla menu with its own implementation
  • Themes that change the look of the game
  • It is highly customizable
  • Has free Party-Bots