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JP Chat is a large teams mode chat (the equivalent of party mode clans, lesser in number but usually much bigger) that was led by a famous youtuber called JP On People from this chat were most known for making turnarounds in team mode, but they also dominated the party modes.

The rise of JP Chat[]

Back in September 2015, when was very popular, the team mode servers were usually imbalanced: one team would dominate the server for longer than 3 hours since the other teams didn't have enough skill to beat them. This has started to get annoying, and that is when JP started recording turnarounds for his YouTube channel. Soon after that, he started gaining more and more subscribers, and he decided to create a chat so he can make turnarounds with his fans.

November 2015 was a very good month for JP. That is when Wun Wun, a legendary player, featured JP on his YouTube channel. JP then gained about 10k subs and his chat was always active with having at least 30 members online every hour. He is best known to be friends with Wun Wun.

The fall of JP Chat[]

After the unsatisfying update on May 6, 2016, people started quitting JP chat. JP himself was still active, but it was noticeable that the chat is starting to die and will never rise again.

In December 2016, JP took a break on and didn't visit his chat for about 5 months. This caused one of the first members and one of the most known members of the chat, Sergio Pico, to leave After this more and more members started to leave the chat and quitting, and the JP Team died.

JP Chat in 2017[]

You can still join this chat, but there's no point since sometimes no one is online, and even when people are online, they don't play

JP Chat in 2018[]

There are more players on the chat now than last year, but still sometimes there are none. Also, this chat has become a recruiting platform for some Oceania teams mode players.

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