Experimental Mode is one of the five game modes currently available. It was added on June 11, 2015. As the name suggests, it’s a game mode where the developer can test out new features and mechanics. If you play on the experimental game mode, you may encounter some new and possibly weird mechanics.

Based on feedback, the developer may implement new experimental mechanics or remove them, or even create a separate game mode using those experimental mechanics. As progresses, new mechanics and general improvements will be made to the game. Experimental mode is a way for that to happen.

The original mechanics of the Experimental Mode were originally on all servers on 2015-06-11, until it was put on a separate game mode the same day.


Current Mechanics[]

  • There are spawners scattered around the map. They passively throw pellets out of themselves, and if mass gets into a spawner, it will throw the mass as pellets (added 2015-06-12).
  • Throwing mass at viruses will push them instead of making them split (added 2015-06-13).

Removed Mechanics[]

  • 5% of the viruses were a little larger and a bit darker (added 2015-06-11 and removed the next day).
  • There was a Mother Cell in the middle of the map from which 10% \ 1/7 of the food spawns from (added 2015-06-11 and removed the next day).
  • Players that can't eat each other will collide. (added 2015-06-12 and removed the next day).