East Asia is a server region in It is one of 3 regions where the server is based in Singapore, the others being China and Oceania.

Players in these 3 Asian regions are typically less skilled than those in other regions and rely on teaming.


Full of slow teaming clans from various Asian countries. It is hell for solo players 99% of the time. Usually, one single country dominates a server, but sometimes clans do come and dominate. Countries that usually rule EA are Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese players. Many slow teamers in EA have good solo skills, unlike those from other regions.


In the morning and afternoon, it is often full of cross teamers. Most are relatively unskilled, but there are some who have good solo and xteaming skills, and some who multi-box. Some of them use typical teaming/party mode tactics such as tricksplits, but unlike party mode, they can use team mode's colour mechanics to their advantage to make these tactics impossible to counter.

Late at night, most of the time the players do not xteam. Sometimes xteamers do appear at night, but these fair players will work together to take them down.


Same as FFA in this region, but Japanese players usually rule the server.


Full of pro teams and clans fighting each other. Teams here are typically very fast at splitrunning.