Introduction[edit | edit source]

Cross-teamers (or xteamers) are players on Teams Mode who team with other player(s) from a different colour from their own, sometimes even betraying their own colour's teammates by helping cells from other colours eat them. They are often hated and targeted by many players. Depending on the server region, xteamers can be few and far between, or even overrun the entire server and ruin the game for fair Teams Mode players. The regions with the worst xteamer problems are East Asia and South America. Xteaming is usually discouraged in team mode chats and videos.

East Asia has the most hardcore xteamers. There are several xteaming clans which often fight each other by xteaming. Tricksplits and reverse tricksplits have even been reported in East Asia.

Solo players do exist here, and they do get big sometimes. It is not easy to hold the mass for long though. Xteaming is often needed (2 players is usually enough if you know what you're doing) to get rid of the dominating xteam clans.

Dealing with them[edit | edit source]

These tips and tricks for fighting xteamers are meant for players who place killing xteamers over highscores. If you are playing against them to get highscores, some of these tips can be rather mass-inefficient.

Some of these tips may sound like common sense, but they are common mistakes that players/squads make when fighting xteamers, and are very important.

  • Don't pick fights when you/your squad doesn't have enough mass.
  • Shoot viruses when needed, at every opportunity.

Colour hacks[edit | edit source]

Whenever you see a xteam involving your own colour, always be extra careful. Contrary to popular belief, xteams involving your own colour are harder to take down than xteams that don't, because they can take advantage of the team mode colour mechanics to get an unfair advantage over fair players. Experienced xteam fighters should know the dangers of the same colour xteamers; the enemies that you can't eat.

Split hack[edit | edit source]

When the same colour xteamer split feeds his xteammate who is overlapping you, his pieces can only go into his xteammate, not into you. The xteamer doesn't need to worry about splitting into the wrong cell.

Speed hack[edit | edit source]

The same colour xteamer may split in front of you to block your escape from his friend. They may also block you from chasing their friend, if you are bigger than them.

Immunity hack[edit | edit source]

Being the same colour as the xteamer also means you can't eat them. After eating their friend, they may choose to cling and obstruct your movement, sometimes even push you into randoms, and there is absolutely no way you can stop them.

Using these "hacks" back at the xteamers[edit | edit source]

These hacks can be used back at the xteamers. 

Split hack[edit | edit source]

When escaping from xteams, split through the same colour xteamer instead of simply away.

Advanced tip: If the same colour xteamer is in only 1 piece and overlapping the other different colour one (or a piece of them), split into the different colour xteamer to get rid of the same colour one. This is especially useful if they would be alone after the same colour one is gone, as they can't use any more colour hacks. If they would be alone afterwards, even better. However, MAKE SURE your squad would still have enough mass to take down the other xteamer afterwards.

Speed hack[edit | edit source]

If xteamers block you from chasing them, try splitting over/through them. Be careful though; if you fail, you will almost certainly die.

When the opportunity arises, you can also push the same colour xteamer into their teammate, or another cell.

Immunity hack[edit | edit source]

When the opportunity arises, eliminate the xteamers that can eat you, COMPLETELY. Make sure to leave no piece uneaten. If you leave any opportunity for the same colour xteamer to return mass to his friend, there is little chance for you to survive. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Multi-split to eliminate the xteamer. The most obvious one.
  • Split on the xteamer while they are feeding their friends, and might be caught off-guard.
  • Split through the same colour xteamer to eat their friend if they are on the other side, as above.
  • Split-push the same colour xteamer if they are on the other side but too big, but the same colour xteamer is big enough to eat his friend and near enough to eat him with a push or two.

Viruses[edit | edit source]

Many people think shooting viruses at xteamers is useless as they can just give their loose pieces to their friends. This is completely wrong. In fact, viruses are key to winning fights with xteamers for several reasons.

  1. Viruses will trigger anti-teaming when they hit the xteamers. This is very useful for making them lose mass, even when you can't win the fight. When hit by viruses, xteamers usually give their small loose pieces to their teammate(s), so you can pop them again and again. DISCLAIMER: smarter xteams will just get rid of the virus.
  2. Even if your viruses miss, the mass will be wasted. Viruses in team mode are not farmable and don't give mass when eaten, unlike other game modes. The xteamers won't get your mass, and it will be lost into nothingness.
  3. If you hit the xteamer multiple times with viruses and their pieces become small enough, it can give you/your squad an opportunity to eliminate the different colour xteamer, and use the immunity hack on them as above.

Maximising damage to xteams[edit | edit source]

Xteamers like to bully. They often multi-split just to eat small cells. They also pull off careless multi-split attacks and hit viruses, because they think they can split freely without worry. Use these to your advantage. Make them multi-split just to eat you. It's all a mind game. See how far they are willing to go just to eat you.

Shoot viruses at them as well. Bear in mind that both splitting excessively and hitting/being hit by viruses trigger the penalty, so use these behaviours to your advantage.

Getting the mass out of your colour xteamer[edit | edit source]

The tricks above can only do so much to disrupt the xteamers and stop them from eating you, but the xteamers will still hold large amounts of mass. This is where the hardest part comes; getting the mass out of the same colour xteamers. It is the hardest part of xteam battles as it involves lots of mind games.

So basically, you/your squad has to bait the same colour xteamer(s) to split feed/throw their mass into their friends in a different colour, then eat him. The amount of mass you can force out of the same colour xteamers depends on the amount of mass you/your squad has. If your squad has enough mass advantage and the xteamers are not so smart, it’s even possible to reduce the xteam squad to nothing.

If the bulk of the xteam’s mass is already with a xteamer(s) of a different colour from your squad, but a same colour one is present, another strategy is to block the big guy from returning mass to the same colour one. Either by physically blocking the small guy, pushing the small guy into another enemy, or trying to make the big guy split on you while also eating him. Don’t try this when solo.

As always, there is no fixed strategy in Assess/analyse the situation and improvise, and be ready to react to unexpected situations.

Advanced anti-xteam tricks[edit | edit source]

These two tricks only work on xteamers that are not of your colour. Only experienced players should try these.

Counter feeding[edit | edit source]

Basically eating the xteamer's split feed. Overlap the xteamer from the front when he is moving forward and his friend is behind. Then when his friend split-feeds him, move backwards and intercept the split feed. Make sure that you are close enough to the xteamer when you overlap him at the start.

Presplitting[edit | edit source]

The same type of presplits in party mode. When you are almost certain that the bigger xteamer will split feed the smaller one, split onto the smaller one, and eat the split feed. But don't forget to make sure that you are big enough to eat the split feeds! You can also bait the xteamer to split feed his friend, and do a presplit this way.

Xteamers using party mode style tactics such as tricksplits are seen more often now, and they are reversible (the same way as in party mode) if neither xteamer is in your colour. However if one of them is, the tricksplit is irreversible, and it is actually one of the most dangerous tactics xteamers can use.

YouTube channels[edit | edit source]

More videos of xteam fights, including a few detailed videos about fighting xteamers, can be found on ninja's YouTube channel. 

ninja's channel:

 Videos: Tips & Tricks in Fighting Xteams, Colour is just a Mechanism 

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