China is a server region in It is one of 3 regions where the server is based in Singapore, the others being East Asia and Oceania.

Players in these 3 Asian regions are typically more skilled than those in other regions.

FFA[edit | edit source]

Full of Taiwanese/Hong Kong slow teaming clans. Soloing here isn't nearly as hard as in East Asia, but it is still harder than in other non-Asian regions. Sometimes players from other countries come and challenge.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Hardly anyone plays here. These servers are often used as battlegrounds for 1v1 duels.

Experimental[edit | edit source]

Same as FFA in this region.

Party[edit | edit source]

Usually dominated by one strong duo (2 players) or quad (4 players), which can sustain 20k mass even in empty servers. Sometimes the party servers here are completely empty, so newbie splitrunners or multi-boxers practice in this server.

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