Battle Royale is the fifth game mode (and first by Miniclip) added to the browser version of Across all platforms, Battle Royale is the 6th game mode added to overall. The mobile exclusive Rush Mode is the last mode added. Battle Royale was released in May 2018 and is currently exclusive to the browser version of the game.

History Edit

In early April 2018, an announcement photo was posted on's official Facebook page. Its moto was : "Can you survive the battleground?" Battle Royale was officially released about a month later.

Description Edit


New Feature! Battle Royale!

This game mode follows the basic Battle Royale format used in many first person shooter (FPS) games. The arena will shrink at set intervals with only one winner at the end. A player loses the match when eaten (by a cell or virus) or by staying outside the safe zone for too long. Battle Royale uses the same arena and mechanics as Experimental Mode.

Battle Royale has two phases: Warm-up (Pre-match) and Battle. During the warm-up phase, players can explore the arena while waiting for the match to begin. Players can see, but not interact with other cells, pellets or viruses at this time. The match will begin once at least 20 players join the arena. The location of each player is also reset as the match begins.


New Game Mode! Battle Royale