Agartool is a script (extension) made for It was originally developed by Chris Pierce in 2016 and was called AgarInfinity, after he quit, a developer called Moon used the source to make his own extension and called it Agartool. Agartool uses the information, that the server sends to the game to add many features, but it does not change the visual look. It can be installed in the browser version of using either Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey . Agartool is often used by clans.


This is an incomplete list of its features:

  • Adds a chat to every server of the game, so all users of the tool, that are in the same server can chat with each other. There is a public chat room, as well as private chat rooms. The chat supports emojis.
  • Adds an enhanced minimap, that shows your own position and position of all other players in your chat room. If the map is mirrored, the position of other players is incorrect. The minimap also displays the location of player‘s last death.
  • Displays mass amount of other cells and viruses.
  • Ability to stop movement by pressing S key.
  • Ability to continually eject mass by holding W key. (instead of just ejecting once)
  • Displays player's split range, as well as the split range of other players.
  • Adds visual indicators, that show, if the player can eat other cells by hovering them or by splitting
  • The script unlocked many old skins, that then could be purchased in the shop. However, since May 2019, this is no longer working.
  • It supports the use of custom skins, that only other Agartool users can see.
  • It also allows to upload custom skins, that can be seen by all players. This uses the „draw your own skin“ feature of and adds an upload button to it.

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