What is Agario Private Server Game?

To play the agario game, you must first enter the address in the browser. After you set a nickname, the game starts. You also have to choose whether you will play individually or as a team. If you prefer to play individually, you progress alone in the game. However, when you choose a team, a team is represented by the same color.

After making the selection, you start the game with the play button. The aim of the game is very simple. You start the game as a small cell of any color. Then you grow by eating cells smaller than yourself. As you grow, so does the size of the cells you eat. The aim of the game is to be the biggest cell. While playing the game, it is possible to move the cells with the mouse.

How to Play Agario Private Server?

W and space keys can be used actively in the agario game. When your cell reaches a certain size, you can split your cell using the space bar. The W key allows you to remove a part from the cell you are forwarding.

Each time you press the spacebar, the cell you manage splits in half. The direction of the pane is determined by the mouse cursor. The W key is often used to support cells in your team. Care should be taken when using this key. Because it is very important that the stone broken by you is not defeated by rival players. You can zoom in and out of your cell with the mouse scroll.

Since agario is a private server, it continues its game life by adding more features day by day. To spend time on our game site, which also broadcasts under the name of agario private server all you have to do is visit