The guidelines are there to maintain a good ambience on the wiki. If you see users breaking the Guidelines, then please contact an Administrator.

General Rules

  • Be bold[1]
  • Do not vandalize the wiki.
  • Do not spam in the comments, on pages, or in the chat.
  • No sexual content.
  • Do not bully other members.
  • No repeated pinging in chatroom.
  • Do not edit other members' profile.
  • No excessive swearing, a small amount is fine.
  • Do not remove warnings or ban messages from a profile. This will increase the time of your block.
  • Do not advertise other materials.
  • Do not add skins and information about skins which are not good for the community or for the wiki itself.

Rules for editing

  • Use correct grammar.
  • Do not create new unneeded categories.
  • Do not spam or vandalize pages, or page comments.

Block Rules

  • Process:
    • 1st offence - Usually a warning or a short block
    • 2nd offence - In the rule a block
    • More offences - A long block
  • Admins can choose whether they give users warnings for breaking rules. If a user breaks a rule there's a chance they will be blocked immediately if it's a serious danger for the wiki.

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