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The Universe is a series of mobile exclusive events that take place every month. The main part of each event is collecting randomly generated tokens in game arenas. They can then be traded for special skins and game items.Tokens can also offer minor in-game boosts to cells like speed or mass. The type of token and game boost depends on the event theme. Each event also includes a standard item and skin offer. All related items, skins and tokens for each event is only available for a limited time. Universe

The current four event themes are The Fungus Amongus Planet, The Sugarrush Planet, Pirate Planet and Nomnomnom Planet.

The Fungus Amongus Planet[edit | edit source]

The Fungus Amongus Planet - Is Now Open!

The Sugarrush Planet[edit | edit source]

The Sugarrush Planet Is Now Open!

Pirate Planet[edit | edit source]

Pirate Planet - Is Now Open!

Pirate Planet - Is Now Open! Button

Nomnomnom Planet[edit | edit source]

Nomnomnom Planet - Is Now Open!

Nomnomnom Planet - Is Now Open! Button

Details of these events can vary depending on location, platform or time.

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