Legends clan ℄ is the origin of the most used mod of Agar.io, Legends Mod ( https://legendmod.ml/ ). Since December 2019 Legend clan has its own Discord server. LC is probably the oldest Agar.io clan that is still alive (est. November, 12th 2016)

Region: Europe only

Mode: FFA and party

Extensions used: Legend mod and Agartool

LC Discord Server[edit | edit source]

The ℄🔥 Discord server supports the members of the clan and also Agar.io players that have questions about Legend Mod, bots, Agar.io scripta and developers.

Recruiting[edit | edit source]

The clan considers themself as a clan of pro players. They are open for new applications.

Website: http://legendclan.ml/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lcclan/


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